Proudly made in New Zealand, BomaZeal™ Mobilize™ for dogs and BomaZeal™ Cat-Pep™ for cats are nutritional daily joint supplements (nutraceuticals) made with natural ingredients.
Both can help with mild osteoarthritis signs and can be used as pre-emptive aids which may help to postpone the age of arthritic onset, particularly for breeds or individuals predisposed to osteoarthritis or for pets with active lifestyles.

The major ingredient in both Mobilize™ and Cat-Pep™ is NZ Green Lipped Mussel Extract, which is thought to slow the degenerative process and has an anti-inflammatory action.

BomaZeal™ Cat-Pep™ for cats is a tasty tablet with a natural shellfish flavour, which can help optimise wellbeing and support joint health.

Given daily, Cat-Pep™ can help maintain mobility, improve condition and enhance general wellbeing.

Can be given to cats as a tablet or crumbled on food. Cat-Pep™ is available over the counter as no prescription is necessary.

Cat-Pep™ contains five natural ingredients which include:


NZ Green-Lipped Mussel Extract



Cats cannot produce enough of this important amino acid and rely on their diet to satisfy their daily needs. Taurine is easily destroyed by heating and may be absent from processed foods.


Potassium Gluconate

Potassium is an essential electrolyte which may become depleted in kidney disease.



Enhances appetite and provides a natural source of B vitamins which keep energy levels up and the coat shiny.


Thiamine / Vitamin B1

Although rare, thiamine deficiency can produce a nervous system disease in cats leading to seizures. Bomazeal™ Cat-Pep™ contains important B vitamins with a high level of thiamine (vitamin B1) to compensate for any dietary loss.

See pack for full details.

Available at all participating vet clinics,
pet retailers and online pet retailers.

Give your dog or cat a new lease on life with BomaZeal™ Mobilize™ or Cat-Pep™, the natural choice for joint health.