Proudly made in New Zealand, BomaZeal™ Mobilize™ for dogs and BomaZeal™ Cat-Pep™ for cats are nutritional daily joint supplements (nutraceuticals) made with natural ingredients.
Both can help with mild osteoarthritis signs and can be used as pre-emptive aids which may help to postpone the age of arthritic onset, particularly for breeds or individuals predisposed to osteoarthritis or for pets with active lifestyles.

The major ingredient in both Mobilize™ and Cat-Pep™ is NZ Green Lipped Mussel Extract, which is thought to slow the degenerative process and has an anti-inflammatory action.

BomaZeal™ Mobilize™ is a tasty tablet for dogs and is a natural alternative to aid in the treatment of osteoarthritis symptoms.

It is also the only nutraceutical with an ACVM approved label claim to aid in the treatment of non-infectious inflammatory joint disease, arthritis, and osteoarthritis in dogs.

Can be given to dogs as a tasty tablet daily or crumbled on their food. Mobilize™ is available over the counter as no prescription is necessary.

Mobilize™ contains four powerful natural ingredients which include:


NZ Green-Lipped Mussel Extract


Marine sourced cartilage*

A source of chondroitin sulphate and mucopolysaccharides, which are major constituents of cartilaginous material in joints.

*Shark cartilage


Deer Velvet

Implicated in the restoration of normal body processes, strengthening of general body functions, healing, promoting blood cell growth, improving the immune system and influencing cardiovascular function.



A powerful formulation of antioxidants from the bark of Pinus radiata. It contains a concentrated blend of flavonoids and plant phenols that enhance the body’s own free radical defense mechanism, thus providing numerous health benefits.

See pack for full details.

Available at all participating vet clinics,
pet retailers and online pet retailers.

Give your dog or cat a new lease on life with BomaZeal™ Mobilize™ or Cat-Pep™, the natural choice for joint health.